Spring Break in Miami Drinking Binge

The Journal of Studies on Alcohol defines binge drinking as an extended period, typically at least two days, during which time a person repeatedly becomes intoxicated and gives up usual activities and obligations in order to be intoxicated. One of the commonly used thresholds for ‘binge’ drinking is 5 or more drinks for men and 4 or more for women per occasion. For a college student this could also apply to the definition of Spring Break.Let’s face it. For those of us that have been there, done that, Miami Spring Break is just a self destructive face in which you just decide to kill yourself with liquor, sex and some other things that I prefer not to talk about. But Whyyyy? Is what make me write about this.

Stupid as it might sound, I believe the more you forbid some one to do something, at 21 the forbidden is what you want to do. In 1984 the National Minimum Drinking Age Act effectively raised the minimum drinking age to 21, and as a result binge drinking became common among American young adults and minors since alcohol became viewed as a symbol of rebellion, and private, dangerous environments are for many young Americans the only place where they can access alcohol. Spring Break is the celebration off all of these behaviors.

Maybe, I am just getting old but, these are definitely no vacations at all. By the time you binge your liver to a whole week of liquor you will be so tired you will need at least a whole entire week to recuperate from your “vacation”. Young America has a tendency of defining Miami vacations with just one word “Drinking”. Let me tell you all; there is plenty more in Miami to enjoy.

East of Collins Ave is Ocean Drive, and this is where you will find the Miami you see on TV and in the movies. There are plenty of famous Miami restaurants and clubs on Ocean Drive, including Nikki Beach. Being on the Florida coast, Ocean Drive is also a great place to go people-watching during your spring break vacation.

Washington Avenue runs parallel on the other side of Collins and it is one the most famous spots in South Beach. This is where some of the world’s largest and most well-known clubs are, including Prive and Mansion. Washington Avenue is packed with party goers every night of the week from evening until early morning, and Spring Break in South Beach is definitely no exception. There are even concierges services that can get you in the clubs with no door standing.

If you are looking for cheap eats during your spring break in Miami head on over to Alton Road, where you can find plenty of fast-food joints, restaurants, and grocery stores. For art galleries, restaurants, and luxury car rentals, head north to Espanola Way. For shopping, many people consider the Lincoln Road open-air pedestrian mall to be Miami South Beach’s premiere spot.


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  1. Beach is great fun depending on when you go


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