Extreme Vacations in Miami Mansion Nightclub

The last thing that will go through your mind when you come to spend a Miami Vacations is that you will return to your home town with 23 stitches on your face and with the memory of been beaten by a 250 pound men.

Three University of Delaware students on spring break decided to spend their spring break vacation in a South Beach vacation rental, wile they enjoy Miami Night Life and Miami Beach Restaurants. On Friday night April 4 Miami Beach police said bouncers inside a Mansion Nightclub South Beach beat the three students.

The dispute started over a $700 bar bill at Mansion on Washington Avenue, according to police. Employees of the club, according to a police report, attacked Sean Sweeney, Trevor Costello and John Merryman, who were in Miami spring break.  The three men were kicked and punched several times. Injuries to victims included a cut to Merryman’s left side of his face, which required stitches, police said.

Eight bouncers now face charges with assault and battery. Officials at Mansion are not commenting, only saying the incident is under investigation. “We are continuing to work closely with the police regarding these claims and cannot comment further, as the police have not concluded their investigation,” stated Vanessa Menkes, vice-president of communications for the Opium Group.


2 comentarios

  1. I hope these students sue the living daylights out of Mansion and the Opium Grooup. I myself have experienced the pure disrespect and cocky attitude of the Mansion bouncers, though not to that extreme. Too bad, such a beautiful club with a great potential, but I, along with many other people I know who have had bad experiences with the Mansion staff who will no longer step foot inside Mansion.
    Don’t let this deter you, there is a lot of other great clubs in Miami, where you will be treated with respect and have a better time.

  2. the police released a video of the bouncers beating the srping breakers. it is on you tube at

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