Fathers Day Vacations in Miami, Miami Fathers Day

If you are like me that constantly have guilt on not giving back as much as your Dad gave to you, Fathers Day Vacations in Miami are the perfect occasion to stop this hunting phantom to keep him from coming back every year. There are lots of things that you and your Dad can do in Miami like golf, good restaurants, Miami Car fair, etc. Here some recommendations on what to do in Miami, where to stay in Miami, and what to eat in Miami.

Where to stay? Not in a hotel for sure. Expensive standard service and packed for festivities is not what you really want in order to spent Fathers Day with your dad. Get a Miami Vacation Rental. Comfortable, affordable, you can even rent a car in Miami and parked it on the property rental. It will be like an extension of home in Miami.

Where to eat?  The list is endless, but good Miami restaurants are not that much here a small list of my recommendations. Actually my dad and I have eaten in these places:

China Grill

Smith & Wollensky
The Forge
Barton G

What to do? Well, that depend, my dad likes Miami Golf. Perhaps a movie or a presentation of the symphonic orchestra in Miami. That’s very personal but here some wide recommendations:

Coral Castle
Miami Science Museum

South Beach

Ooo and bye the way, dount give him a tie as a present. Not this year AGAIN


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